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2011-12-08 20:39:36 by youngold


Electinsanity (NG Cut)

2011-02-25 23:47:05 by youngold

For all you peeps that like my music. /402359


And yes... I deleted the previews.


2011-01-04 00:03:37 by youngold /388569



Okay then, some new stuff: /378138

Yep, that's right. I can't guarantee if it'll actually be released, because it might just end up sucking. Anyway, here's a preview: /345582

It's been a while.

2009-11-07 18:35:04 by youngold

New song! It's called "Radiance". I actually made this about a month ago.

Q. Favorite songs?

A. Right now, they are:
-Aurora by Nitrous Oxide
-Faces by Andy Moor (a bit old, but still a classic)
-Formentura What (Gareth Emery Remix)
-Callista (Stoneface & Terminal remix) by Adam Nickey.

Some news.

2009-06-23 03:50:21 by youngold

Well, well, well. If it isn't someone that visits my profile page, and actually READS it!!

Just to let you fans know (if I do have any -_-), here are the songs I'm currently working on:
-Heavenly Light: This will be a slow paced, 'real-trance' song. I bit different from the stuff F-777 and cornandbeans make. To give you an idea of what it might sound like, have a good listen here: t9Y0

-Moving On... Remastered: Just like what I did with Great Journey. I'm redoing it in Logic Pro, and that would generally make it sound a LOT better.

-Happy Days: As the name hints, it will be a happy hardcore song, at around 180 BPM, relatively fast.


Great Journey Remastered

2009-05-15 04:53:31 by youngold

Yay! Check it out here: /238024
What I've done is I've taken the file from GarageBand and then put it in Logic Pro 8, then remastered it. It sounds about 50 times better now, so have a listen. :)

Another new song!

2009-04-12 02:36:28 by youngold

Here's something short I decided to do, originally made for a friend's game. It's not much, but it's worth a listen :)
Divine Calamity