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Very sad and captivating.

Obviously, you've put a lot of effort into creating this. And it shows.

Quality of audio: 10/10
Amazing, amazing work for audio. Full points, for both the quality of sound and composition skill. You have a lot of musical talent, JAZZA.

Quality of visuals: 9/10
I was really surprised when I saw that the keys on the piano were synchronised with the music! Very good artwork for the characters. The thing that took away the point here, was that some of the character movements and animations were not very smooth.

Quality of content: 10/10
There's some really outstanding stuff in this movie. The story, from boy to adult, was told very well. But what really got me was, of course, how sad and serious this was.

Overall score: 10/10, 5/5
There are not many movies like this at Newgrounds. Too many times have I seen violent and cruel-humored stuff. You deserve great praise, even for trying to create a movie like this. Good work.

Loved it!!

Good job Krinkels on bringing back Hank!

Quality of audio/sound: 10/10
Great work syncing the sounds with the animations. Nice music to go with what you're watching. Nothing I can really criticise on.

Quality of visuals: 10/10
Blood effects and movements were really smooth, and the red landscape made it very surreal. You've really done an awesome job on animating this, especially in the 'madness-ish' sort of animation. There's no obligation for giving you a 10 here.

Quality of content: 10/10
Hank's back (and with a crab claw)? Awesome!! I like the variety in the way that the characters kill others, with guns, swords, and even hooks. Storyline and plot is, of course, excellent. I can imagine what's going to happen next.

Overall score: 10/10, 5/5 thumbs up*
Yes, you deserve the best score possible. Keep up the good work, and I'm looking foward to Madness Combat 10!!

Amazing work from each one of you!!

AWESOME! LOL... nice S.T.X.D.F.H.T.K.S. Jcamelo.

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Defenitely the best stick tutorial out there!!

You really amazed me with the time and effort you placed into this.

Quality of Audio: N/A: Well, I can't really rate this, because there's no sound. But it would be good if you could add some gunshot/explosion/kick/punch/blood sounds, that go with the animation.

Quality of Visuals: 10/10: Excellent. You have great skill in stick animations, and the artwork is great too. Maybe a background of some type would be good, but that's sort of asking too much.

Quality of Content: 10/10: *round of applause* You have explained every single area within stick animation, and that's what really earns the 10. Very very detailed, even showing each frame of the particular animation. I like how it showed you what's good and what's bad.

Overall Score: 10/10: Yay! I thoroughly enjoyed watching this tutorial, and it's a great guide, be it for Flash or Pivot users. Well done!

One of the funnest and most addicting games!

This is... wow, this is great. I can't stop playing this.

Quality of audio: 10/10
A great choice of A-portal songs, to suit the mood of the game. Quality of sound is perfecto. So that's an outright 10 there.

Quality of visuals: 10/10
The characters were beautifully drawn, and the menu, backgrounds and scenes were also taken into great account of quality. Animations were top work, too. Don't have to go far to say that it's a 10 for visuals.

Quality of content: 10/10
Yes... another 10. Why? One, because it's outrageously addicting. Two, gameplay was extremely fun. And lastly, because of it's variety of what you can do in this game, involving different characters, medals and such.

Overall score: 10/10, 5/5
Portal Defenders is definitely one of the most creative, addicting, fun and visually splendid games out there. A round of applause for Luis and BoMToons.

Great! It helped me...

...and it's demonstrated here. My first proper review:

Quality of visuals: 8/10
Nothing really needed to be said, pretty simple graphics, nice and easy to read the information. My suggestion is that you make, say, a more colourful background. Also, a few of the images are a bit crummy, but otherwise very good.

Quality of audio/music: 9/10
Who doesn't like a bit of ParagonX9? Nothing else to really say here. You could make a button sound, but that's being pretty picky.

Quality of content: 10/10
Self-explanatory. Information goes into great detail, and it's easy to follow. Tells you basically everything you need to know when you join here. It was, surprisingly, not boring and persuades the reader to do good things. That's how I came about to write a review like this.

Every person should come here and have a look. There may be some things that they didn't know about Newgrounds.
Impressive work overall!

RohantheBarbarian responds:

Thank you for the review.

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Not bad. Has some potential!

I'm happy when i clicked on the link i didn't hear some shitty eurotrash.
This is actually some pretty tight psytrance.
The bass sidechaining sounded a little bit off at the start of the drums, but with the hats and claps sounded good.
Please check out my stuff too! I've got electro house, trance, whatever :D

GodBlock responds:

I know what you mean, everything on here sounds the sAmE[head]

I'll definitely check out your stuff but right now I need to bed.

Thanks for the review :D glad you like

PS I checked out some of your stuff ITS FUCKING WICKED!!


What do we have here...
We have one of the greatest progressive house tracks that I've heard on newgrounds.
I think a slightly longer kick would be good, and a slightly stronger bass.
Nice structure for a radio edit.
Otherwise. awesome :D

BrokenCrossfader responds:

see 2nd edit on my youtube page :) thanks for listening!

Oooh nice!

You should consider making a DJ-friendly mix.

Nice sidechaining, loved it. Not really sure why you used triplets, but, well... that just might be your type of style. Sounded celtic lol.

Also, I think this goes more under House rather, than Trance... your choice. And that low pass filter at 3:40 was impressive.

Otherwise, it was very fresh, very unique... 9/10.

PLEASE GO TO MY SOUNDCLOUD PAGE FOR MY NEWEST MUSIC. https://soundcloud.c om/youngye

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